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Wildstar costume slots

wildstar costume slots

Wildstar Community Discord - find game buddies and chat about the game Rumor has it that they didn't want people using costume slots as. In WildStar, you'll gain costume slots to allow you to show off your rad duds without compromising the awesome stats your gear gives you. You gain your first. So I was curious if you were one class but you liked another classes raid set better could you be able to equip it as a costume or would that be.


WildStar - Item Preview: Upcoming Costumes wildstar costume slots Please log in to reply. Discussion in ' WildStar General ' started by coolster50Apr 18, Well here's the addon for you. I am level 14, I have 3 choices from the drop down in the character screen. SImply [CTRL] Click the item and an input vampire online will pop up, allowing you to change clothes in style. Algoroc Celestion Everstar Grove Gambler's Ruin.


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